I have the most beautiful girlfriends in the world!

June 28, 2011

I hosted my first private laughter party in my home last Friday night with some laughter friends and a few guests that I had not met before.  The night was a rollicking, wondrous, incredible, glorious, phenomenal success.  I have the most beautiful girlfriends in the world.

We came together for a picture-taking laughter yoga session so that I would have new pictures for the Laughter Hours web site and also to enable me to create brochures and flyers for laughter events.  I could not have foreseen how much fun we would have, how hard we would laugh, and how close we would become.

Most of us achieved deep, sustained belly laughter—the wipe-the-tears-from-your-eyes and blow-your-nose laughter.  This is the best laughter because afterwards you feel so relaxed and totally free of stress.  Thanks to another girlfriend, I have a photo gallery of the evening.

Most of us hate to have our picture taken and hate looking at ourselves in pictures, so I owe a great debt to my girlfriends for braving the camera while letting go of their inhibitions and laughing.  It is a fact that everyone is truly beautiful when they laugh.

Thank you beautiful girls.  Never forget that your outward appearance matches your inner beauty, especially when you smile.  So keep laughing—you make the world a more beautiful place.

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One Response to I have the most beautiful girlfriends in the world!

  1. Marita says:

    That was a GREAT night Mary ! Thanks so much for bringing back laughter – I hold you personally responsible you know ;)